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The Center for Comprehensive Sexuality and Wellness at Wayne State University Physician Group

The Center for Comprehensive Sexuality and Wellness at  Wayne State University Physician Group (WSUPG) is a university-based, multidisciplinary specialty center committed to optimizing sexual health and sexual well-being through patient care, research and education.

The Importance of Sexual Health and Sexual Well-Being

Good sexual health is a quality of life issue that is important to many people. However, sexual complaints are not uncommon in women; in fact, it has been estimated that 43 percent of women experience some type of sexual problem during the course of their lives.
When such a problem results in personal or interpersonal distress, it is called Female Sexual Dysfunction.

FSD is a broad term that encompasses a set of disorders, including:

  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
  • Sexual Arousal Disorder
  • Orgasmic Disorder
  • Pain disorders

In spite of its prevalence, female sexual dysfunction is still underrecognized, underdiagnosed and often goes untreated.

Many factors contribute to this, including women feeling that these issues aren’t important to their physician, and not believing that their health care provider can help them. It has been demonstrated that women desire a safe and comfortable setting in which these issues can be dealt with.

Factors that May Contribute to Sexual Problems in Women

There are several factors that may contribute to sexual problems and sexual health concerns in men and women, including:

  • Stress
  • Issues with sexuality
  • Relationship factors
  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Medications (antihypertensives, hormonal medications)
  • Psychiatric conditions (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder)
  • Medical conditions (diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders, infections, anatomic abnormalities)

Our Principles

We believe that all women deserve to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life and that there are steps that can be taken to achieve this. Our mission is fueled by three basic concepts:

  1. The patient is first. We accommodate the needs of women and their partners by providing a safe and comfortable environment for the optimization of sexual health and well-being.
  2. Research is essential to advance knowledge of the field and improve treatment options. We serve as a foundation and referral source for research efforts in sexology and sexual medicine
  3. Education is vital to improving the sexual well-being of everyone. We will educate patients, health care providers, residents and students about female sexual health issues and teach appropriate communication skills so that they will be equipped to treat their patients compassionately and effectively.

To contact the Center for Comprehensive Sexuality and Wellness at Wayne State University Physician Group, please call  877-WSU-DOCS.

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