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Depression: Selecting a course of treatment

Depression is no stranger to most. It is experienced by most people in some degree over the normal course of their lives and day-to-day living. Depression is synonymous with sadness, feeling down-hearted or bummed out, being down or blue and low energy.  There are different degrees of depression, including mild, moderate and severe.  These degrees are ranked based on several factors that may include:

  • How long a person experiences depressive feelings, thoughts, and energy levels
  • The degree to which person’s life is impacted relative to family and friends
  • Participating in meaningful activities such as work or school

Statistical information suggests that an estimated 223,000 adults in the Detroit Metropolitan area are experiencing depression each year. 

Treatment decision aids at Wayne State University Physician Group

Wayne State University Physician Group is committed to educating patients about the treatment options available to treat their depression. We offer decision aids that benefit individuals with different styles of selecting treatment options. We have an information packet that describes the types of treatments and provides information regarding potential issues and concerns associated with those treatments. We also provide a question and response brochure that will assist you in identifying which treatment options best match for your needs. These decision aids have been evaluated and modified based on feedback received by individuals who are receiving treatment for depression.

Our physicians want you to be more informed about your treatment choices and achieve optimal outcomes. Contact a WSUPG physician today for more information at 313-577-1396 (Detroit), 734-464-4220 (Livonia) or contact us.