Neurosurgeons are specialty surgeons who treat conditions and diseases related to the brain, spine and nervous system. As one of the highest-ranked neurosurgery departments in the state of Michigan and the United States, our programs offer excellence in a wide-range of areas.

Currently rated as the #1 program of its kind in Michigan, WSUPG Neurosurgery is leading the way in discovering new treatment plans and providing the highest level of care for our patients. Our physicians are breaking ground in areas such as deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s desease, neuro-oncology, epilepsy, minimally invasive spine surgery and Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

Advanced Technology

Our less invasive surgical equipment and techniques are changing the way many neurological disorders are treated. Medical advancements at Harper University Hospital on the campus of the Detroit Medical Center have positioned our neurosurgeons on the cutting-edge of technology, enhancing our ability to care for patients and making surgery easier on the patient.

WSUPG Neurosurgery was the first group in Michigan to take advantage of innovative technologies like Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI), Gamma Knife radiosurgery and complex skull-base surgery procedures.

Top Surgeons

Whether they are pioneering the use of new, non-invasive radiosurgery procedures or bringing innovative imaging technology into the surgical suite, our neurosurgeons are internationally known for the wide range of procedures and diagnostic options they provide. While each have their own areas of expertise, specialized training and research, they work together as an integrated team to provide exceptional care for each and every patient.

In addition, several of our physicians are listed as "Top Docs" by Hour Detroit and Styleline magazines, recognized by their peers as being at the top of their field in the Metro Detroit area. Our "Top Docs" are Dr. Murali Guthikonda, Dr. Hazem Eltahawy and Dr. Sandeep Mittal.

Dr. Mittal has served as Chair for the Department of Neurosurgery since October of 2015, succeeding Dr. Guthikonda, who served as Chair from 2001-2015. Dr. Guthikonda remains as the Program Director for the department’s residency program. 

For more information about neurosurgery at WSUPG, or to schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified neurosurgeons, call 877-486-7978.