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Genetic counseling in southeast Michigan

The genetic counselors at Wayne State University Physician Group (WSUPG) educate people about medical, psychological and familial inferences of genetic contributions to disease. 

We are trained to help you understand and interpret family and medical histories in order to assess any chances of a disease occurring or reoccurring. 

We also educate our patients about:

  • Inheritance
  • Testing
  • Management
  • Prevention
  • Resources
  • Research

Our counseling services are designed to help you make informed choices and to help you adapt to any risks or conditions.

Board-Certified Genetic Counselors in southeast Michigan

The Genetic Counseling division of WSUPG serves patients with staff who have specialized graduate degrees and experience in medical genetics and counseling. 

Our genetic counselors are board-certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling Inc.


What exactly is a genetic counselor anyway?

You may wonder why your doctor is referring you to see a genetic counselor. Genetic counselors are specially trained healthcare professionals. A counseling session usually lasts 30 minutes to one hour and is designed to meet your specific needs.  

Usually women are referred because their pregnancy is at higher risk. Genetic counselors also meet with women who aren’t pregnant. Some reasons why your doctor may want you to meet with a genetic counselor include age, positive screening test results, ultrasound findings, a family/personal history of a genetic condition or birth defect(s), a history of multiple miscarriages, ethnic background, etc. Individuals/couples can meet with a genetic counselor before they become pregnant or when they are already pregnant—it depends on you!

During a genetic counseling session you will be asked questions about your pregnancy, medical, and family history. Similar questions will be asked about your partner. This information will help determine if your baby (or future baby) may be at increased risk for birth defects or a genetic disorder. Your genetic counselor may offer screening and/or diagnostic tests which could provide additional information about your pregnancy or future pregnancy. The genetic counseling experts at Wayne State University Physician Group help guide patients to help make decisions that are right for them.

If you’d like to be seen for genetic counseling please call 313-993-4645 for our Detroit (Woodward Ave) location or 248-352-8200 for our Southfield location.

How to prepare for a genetic counseling appointment

There are several things you may be asked at your appointment, such as pregnancy and medical history, medical history of your relatives and father of the baby’s relatives (i.e. relatives with birth defects or requiring surgery after birth, learning problems/mental retardation, recurrent miscarriages/stillborn infants, life-long disabilities or known inherited disorders).

While at your appointment you can expect to receive some information from your genetic counselor. You will be able to review the provided histories, discuss particular at-risk disorders (symptoms and underlying causes), likelihood of having a child with the disorder in question, discussion about testing options to further refine the likelihood (either pre-conceptually, prenatally or in the postnatal period).

Pregnancy and Genetic Counseling

There are some common indications for pregnant patients to be referred to a genetic counselor. This could include a maternal age greater than 35 years at delivery, abnormal serum screen result (FIRST screen, quad screen), abnormal fetal ultrasound finding, relative with a known inherited disorder, previous child with a birth defect, screening for genetic conditions based on patient ethnicity (i.e. sickle cell disease in African-American patients) and maternal-fetal exposures in pregnancy (drugs, alcohol, medication, work-place chemicals, etc).

Prenatal Counselors

Our prenatal counselors work with medical geneticists, maternal-fetal medicine specialists and sonographers.

For more information about genetic counseling at WSUPG or to schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified genetic counselors, contact us.

Find your Wayne State University Physician Group Obstetrician/Gynecologist now, or call: 877-WSU-DOCS.

Referring Physicians

For information about referring your patients to our practice for genetic counseling, please call 248-352-8200. We look forward to caring for your patients who:

  • Are worried about a genetic condition or a disease that runs in his or her family
  • Have a child who is affected by a genetic condition and are thinking about having another child
  • Have family members with mental retardation or birth defects
  • Have a history of infertility or pregnancy losses (miscarriages or stillbirths)
  • Are concerned that health or lifestyle poses a risk to the pregnancy
  • Are concerned about risks to the pregnancy associated with increasing age
  • Receive abnormal prenatal screening or ultrasound results
  • Are concerned about being a carrier of a genetic condition because of ethnicity
  • Are pregnant and the baby has been diagnosed with a birth defect or genetic condition
  • Are concerned about prenatal exposure to medications, drugs, chemicals, radiation or infections