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Cost & Financing                  

Cost of evaluation and treatment vary patient to patient. This is highly dependent on whether the patient/couple has/have insurance coverage, are working with Advanced Reproductive Care financing or are paying cost price.

Our center participates with most insurance companies. The coverage from many different insurance companies that we participate with is variable. Our financial counselor will review what is covered by your insurance and costs will be covered.

If your suggested treatment is expensive please consider ARC financing. Counselors will review whether you qualify for its loan or guaranteed programs.

ARC Payment Plan™ helps make infertility treatments more affordable

For couples who are struggling to conceive, the stress of paying for infertility services can seem overwhelming. The Wayne State University Physician Group Infertility Clinic is committed to helping patients achieve their goals by offering customized payment plans and financing options.

While great advances have been made in regard to infertility in recent years, one factor that remains is the expensive nature of treatments that unfortunately are not typically covered by insurance. Though cost varies from patient to patient, a typical In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle can cost an average of $9,500 plus the cost of medications.

The WSUPG Infertility Clinic is one of only two clinics in the state of Michigan to offer the ARC Affordable Payment Plan™ that divides the cost of treatment into manageable monthly payments. Patients can select the package that best fits their needs, whether choosing based on number of treatment cycles, cash or credit payments or even a refund guarantee option.

IVF Coordinator Kristine Klinger, BSN, RNC, emphasizes that clear communication upfront helps to avoid added stress during an already difficult time.

“New patients meet with our financial counselor and are given a cost sheet that clearly outlines all expenses and payment deadlines,” said Klinger. “Whether they are financing or paying out-of-pocket, we work with patients individually to help them overcome the financial barriers associated with infertility treatments.”

For more information on infertility financing or to schedule a free consultation, call 248-352-8200.