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Our patients share their success stories

Gerley and Burt Weyhing have their hands full with twins Burt and Winifred. The Weyhings turned to the Wayne State University Physician Group’s Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility for assistance in conceiving.

“Emotionally and financially, it takes its toll,” Burt Weyhing said of the unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts. “But our first attempt with Wayne State University was successful and within three weeks we knew we were having twins. We knew that (twins) was something that could happen. We’re very excited to talk about this and very appreciative of their professionalism.”


Patient testimonials:

"We were diagnosed with 'Unexplained Infertility' by a couple of doctors. We had a few failed Clomid cycles with other infertility clinics. Every window of opportunity turned out to fail. We were desperate to start a family and wanted to begin to enjoy the experience of being a parent. We were seeking out an experienced, well-trained infertility physician in a reputable infertility clinic who could make our dream of having a child come true.

We were referred to a highly specialized and skillful physician, Dr. Manvinder (Manny) Singh, associated with the Wayne State University School of Medicine, University Women's Care clinic, by our gynecologist. We came in for a consultation with Dr. Singh. After an evaluation, he suggested that we proceed with IVF treatment. He was very optimistic of a single cycle of IVF cycle providing us a successful result.

We immediately decided to go with our IVF treatment under Dr. Singh and his team. We felt that this was the team that could get us a successful result. After just having done a single cycle of IVF we conceived!!! We had no problems...a day that we long waited for!!!

The IVF treatment that we underwent by Dr. Singh was very organized and at every stage of the treatment we were well guided by him, the nurses Kris and Lisa, and all the other staff. They were always available to answer any of our questions and monitored us well. We received the best care. Due to all their dedication to their patients and God's grace, we really have a chance now to realize our dream.

We do not really have enough words to thank them. They are just amazing people!!! We shall be forever thankful for their services. WSUPG was the only place where we could participate in an IVF program because we were able to get a loan from ARC, which really helped us out. Also, compared to other major infertility clinics around Detroit, the treatment cost at this clinic was very affordable."

- U and M

"Wow, where do I start? My husband and I have been married for 18 years. We have been trying for a family from the beginning and unfortunately have been unsuccessful due to damage to my fallopian tubes from a tumor and multiple cysts I had when I was in my teen years. I had several surgeries to try to repair the damage with no success. We had been seen by several fertility specialists. They all told us the same thing; 'You will never be able to conceive naturally'. That was very hard to hear.''

We decided to pursue IVF in November 2008. We went to a private practice, and we were very hopeful. We started the process of IVF right away. We went through the shots, office visits, lab work and finally the egg retrieval and then the transfer of embryo (which by the way had to be performed at an outside lab because most private practices do not have their own lab/facility to do these procedures at their practice). I found myself in more pain than expected from the procedure. We waited the appropriate number of days to find out if it worked and we heard the devastating news that we feared: It did not take. Needless to say, it took some time to get over this news.

In March 2010, we decided to try again, only I wanted to go somewhere new. I searched online for fertility assistance programs IVF is very expensive and most insurance companies do not cover it. There is not much offered in Michigan, but we found a program called ARC. The only place in Michigan that offered it was Wayne State University Physician Group, University Women’s Care. This is what brought us to Dr. Manvinder Singh. We made an appointment to meet with him and, from the beginning, I knew that he was what we were looking for. He had that quiet confidence. He took the time to look at all of my fertility history and the unsuccessful IVF attempt and came to the decision that my fallopian tubes need to be removed because they were not helping me to conceive but were even part of why my first IVF did not take. Dr. Singh performed a laparoscopic surgery to remove my tubes and I actually felt better than I had in a long time. I recovered quickly from this surgery. We were able to start IVF about six weeks later.

We started the process of IVF with Wayne State Physicians Group and Dr. Singh in June 2010. Everything was performed in one facility, and there was almost no pain associated with this procedure. By the end of June, we were given the amazing news that it worked! My husband and I were both overcome with joy and gratitude to Dr. Singh and the wonderful staff. We have experienced nothing but true professionalism and expertise from the Wayne State University Physician Group. Dr. Singh has been in touch with us throughout my pregnancy to ensure everything is going well.

I am now in my seventh month of pregnancy and can’t wait to see this little miracle baby!
I can’t put into words how thankful my husband and I are to Dr. Singh and the amazing staff! Thank you so much! "

- H.C. and C.C.
"After a lot of searching, I was referred to the Wayne State University Physician Group by several physicians in the know. My wife and I had previously experienced three failed IVF attempts with another provider and were suffering emotionally and financially, afraid that there was something wrong with us or that it would never happen. The WSUPG was extremely professional and reassuring with us and, within two months of our first appointment, my wife was pregnant with twins. Just like that.

All tests and procedures are performed on site and their fees were very reasonable. They used more advanced techniques and have a larger team of doctors than my prior providers utilized. They did not waste time with unnecessary tests or delays and we were never kept long in any waiting rooms nor were we ever rushed when we had a million questions. My wife and I were treated with dignity by an experienced and caring staff focused only on achieving a pregnancy. They stuck by us through the long, difficult, and painful process of IVF and succeeded where others could not.

They are winners."

- B.W. & G.W.

"I’m not sure how to go about describing my experience with Dr. Singh and the staff at WSU Physician Group since it’s impossible to put the eternal gratitude my husband and I feel into words. I have a 2.5 year old daughter and am pregnant with our second child, all thanks to Dr. Manvinder Singh. Dr.  Singh and his team are highly experienced, dedicated, sincere and genuinely want to see every patient have the family she dreams of. Dr. Singh’s knowledge and quiet confidence were a tremendous comfort to us as we went through IVF due to tubal infertility; his nursing staff was warm, caring, and ready to assist with my calls and questions anytime."

I highly recommend the WSU Physician’s Group."

- JS, Auburn Hills, MI

 "After multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts at other institutes, we contacted University Women's Care in Southfield, and was under the treatment of Dr. Manvinder Singh. This time resulted in a success and I am halfway through my pregnancy. I would like to thank Dr. Singh and the entire staff, especially Chris and Lisa, for their care and support during this period."

- SC

 "We came to Dr. Singh at University Women's Care after being told by another highly recommended Detroit area infertility specialist that our chances of conceiving a biological child, even with IVF, were extremely slim. Dr. Singh was much more optimistic about our chances of successfully conceiving with IVF and we quickly realized that with the combined experience of the physicians, nurses and laboratory technicians, the team at University Women's Care could do for us what other fertility clinics would not be capable of. We immediately decided that Dr. Singh and University Women's Care were a good fit for us and, two months later, we began our first IVF cycle. Although undergoing an IVF cycle is physically and emotionally draining, the nurses and doctors that we worked with made the process much easier for us with their support and accessibility. We were ecstatic when we conceived our son on our first IVF attempt. We recently had our baby and cannot thank Dr. Singh enough for helping us to have the family we dreamed of. We plan on returning to University Women's Care in a few years when we are ready to add to our family again!"

- RM