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Fertility research, services and treatment

Pictured from left, parents Gerley and Burt Weyhing, and their children Burt Jr. and Winifred.


For updated information on our clinic, infertility services and costs, please visit our new Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility website.

The CDC estimates that 11.8 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 44 have an impaired ability to have children. The number of married women in that age range deemed infertile – defined as the inability to become impregnated for at least 12 consecutive months – is 2.1 million, or 7.4 percent.

The top-rated Wayne State University Physician Group’s (WSUPG) Infertility Clinic offers hope to couples wishing to conceive. We provide compassionate and thorough care to all our patients. As an innovative force in infertility care in Michigan, we offer the most advanced treatment techniques, including in-vitro fertilization and artificial insemination.

Other services offered by the WSUPG Infertility Clinic include the Egg Donor Program and Sperm Donor Program, as well as infertility evaluations and counseling.

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