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Sperm donor program

There are instances in which a sperm donor is a safe, healthy option for conception.

Indications for donor sperm:

  • For couples for in which the male partner has very poor semen parameters and IVF/ICSI is not an option or the male partner has absolutely no sperm
  • For couples in which there is no male partner
  • For single women desiring children
  • For couples in which the male partner carries a gene that needs to be avoided because the gene has a significant health risk for the offspring
  • For couples in which the male partner has significant infectious disease(s) that cannot be treated and needs to be avoided for the female partner

How is donor sperm used?

  • Donor sperm can be used in IVF cycles when needed. Usually ICSI is performed concomitantly
  • Donor sperm can be prepared for intrauterine inseminations at time of ovulation. Ovulation-inducing agents are usually used in the treatment cycle

Protocol to follow:

  • A person or couple contemplating the use of donor sperm should make an appointment with one of the REI physicians to confirm that the treatment with donor sperm is correct for the individual/couple. The physician will review the history and needed evaluation as well.
  • The individual or couple will be directed to testing, which will include blood work, exam with cultures and pap smear if needed, and evaluation of the uterus and tubes with either a sonohysterogram or hysterosalpingogram.
  • All individuals undergoing donor sperm treatment cycles at our center must undergo psychological evaluation before proceeding.
  • Consent forms for a donor sperm treatment cycle must be signed.
  • We will refer you to a sperm bank with some guidelines to select your donor sperm sample.
  • The sperm sample will either be used for IUI or IVF/ICSI depending upon your circumstances. (Please see sections on IUI or IVF for more details)

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