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Physicians at Wayne State University Physician Group offer colonoscopy as an outpatient procedure. A colonoscopy is the examination of the interior surface of the entire length of the colon using a special viewing device called a colonoscope.

A colonoscopy helps your physician identify abnormal growths or polyps, inflamed tissue, ulcers and abnormal growths. The procedure is used to look for early signs of cancer in the colon and rectum, causes of unexplained changes in bowel habits and to evaluate symptoms like abdominal pain or rectal bleeding. For most people, a routine colonoscopy should begin at age 50. Colonoscopy may be performed earlier if there is a family history of colorectal cancer, a personal history of inflammatory bowel disease or other risk factors. Talk to your doctor about your possible risks and how often you should have the procedure.

For more information about our colonoscopy procedure or to schedule an appointment, call 313-745-8778.