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Endocrinology Services

The Wayne State University Physician Group Diabetes Clinic offers the highest quality diabetes and endocrinology management utilizing the latest technology.

We provide the following endocrinology services at WSUPG:

  • Bone density testing
  • Diabetes management
  • 48-hour glucose monitoring
  • 24-hour blood pressure monitoring
  • Thyroid biopsy
  • Thyroid ultrasound

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Service (CGMS)

The key to effectively managing diabetes is blood glucose control, which is typically achieved through daily prick testing and the appropriate amount of medication, diet and exercise. The WSUPG Diabetes Clinic has invested in the latest FDA-approved iPro™ Continuous Glucose Monitor equipment. CGMS is the newest treatment option for patients with diabetes and is especially effective for treating those with severe diabetes.

The small and lightweight monitor is worn continually for three days and automatically measures glucose levels throughout the day and night. Measurements are immediately displayed and stored on the receiver, and an alarm will sound if high or low glucose levels are exceeded. Our WSUPG physicians then analyze patterns and determine how activity and medication affect a patient’s glucose levels. As a result of this more complete information, our doctors are able to implement effective changes and better customize treatment programs for each individual.

Insulin Pump Therapy (IPT)

WSUPG’s comprehensive diabetes clinic also offers exclusive insulin pump therapy (IPT) for patients seeking greater flexibility and control with their treatment. An insulin pump is a small electronic device that is worn externally and can be clipped to a belt or worn in a pocket. IPT automatically administers small doses of insulin throughout the day and night. The device is simple and easy to use, comfortable to wear and helps patients more effectively manage their diabetes through reduced injections and a more accurate understanding of glucose levels. 

There are many great benefits to using insulin pump therapy (IPT) including:

  • A more discrete and convenient way to administer insulin – at the touch of a button
  • Insulin delivery that is tailored and accurate
  • Reduction in large swings in blood glucose level
  • Flexibility and freedom in regard to food intake, activity and injections
  • Fewer injections and improved glucose levels
  • Reduced long-term complications related to diabetes
  • Overall improved quality of life

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